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Medicine of the heart

Cacao helps us to journey within, connect to our heart, reveal patterns, cultivate self-love, increase consciousness and supports us in our path and personal growth. It does not create things that are not there, but rather is a catalyst for these processes. It is known as a heart-opening medicine that helps to expand insight and awareness.


In Western culture we’re not used to see plants as sacred, work with their spirit or allocate them certain powers. There is a lot we can learn from plants and knowledge from native cultures.


Ceremonial Grade         Cacao

The quality of cacao is an important part to do healing work. Ceremonial grade cacao is not only active and high quality, but also grown, handled and processed with great care, love and intention.

The Ceremonial grade cacao I  source is:

- 100 % Mayan Grown

- Ethically sourced

- Supports small scale family farming

- Sustainable produced.

-   Organic Fair Trade

- Grown in Belize


Cacao Ceremony


Cacao has been used as a sacred drink for thousands of years to connect with the divine.


In a ceremony, Cacao is used in an intentional, sacred way and respected as a plant medicine. It is a powerful catalyst for healing work.

Ceremony with an intention

 Ceremonies are ways we can work with the Spirit of Cacao as a Medicine that supports in the activation and re-membering of the Beauty and Truth of our Heart and Soul.

Ceremonies can be held in different styles, for example with meditation, dancing, sharing, singing, a sound journey or a mixture of these. There is no formal rule, but your intention is a powerful element.


Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between intention and expectation, but the difference is crucial for healing work. An open-minded attitude to listen to within and not trying to want a quick fix. Magic often happens between the lines.


You can explore these healing properties of cacao in ceremony and by yourself.


I love coming together and sharing with the community a powerful ancient practice and ritual.

I organize different events with cacao, like meditations, yoga, and ecstatic dances.


If you would like to join a cacao ceremony you can message me for private, virtual or group   ceremonies.

I host them regularly in my SF scared space. Events can also be done outdoors when weather permitting.

IMG_8118 3.HEIC

   Private Or VIrtual Cacao ceremonies available


Private Cacao  Ceremony:

- 1-2 hour long sessions in nature or in my   SF  private studio.

Virtual Cacao Ceremony:

-  I ship Cacao kit to you

- 30min-1 hr sessions

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For Private or Virtual             cacao ceremony Reservations

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