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This specific blend has been known to help with:


Enhancing creativity

Easing symptoms of PTSD and ADHD

Combatting and as preventive treatment for Alzheimer's, Parkensons and Dementia

Decreasing stress

Lifting depression

Reducing anxiety

Eliminating procrastination

Heightening awareness of self and surroundings

Waking up 

Intrusive thought reduction

Self control

Overcoming trauma and addiction

Clean good energy


Self cognitive therapy

Overall sense of wellbeing

Organizing information for proper assessment of one's own thoughts

Gaining control of mood, memory and brain health



- Microdose Blend from 4 different Strains. (Oakland Grown)

- Lions  Mane mushroom (fruiting body)

- Reishi

- Cordyceps

- Shilajit (Himilayan Mountains)

- Organic Ashwaganda Root

- Ceremonial Cacao

- Black Pepper


This combination dances beautifully together for the perfect trio of mental clarity, awareness, and positive well-being.


Suggested Dosing:

Take 5 days a week with 2 days off for a minimum of 1 month or longer as needed. Always take the lowest effective dose. Best taken on empty stomach.

Wait 30 min or more before eating a meal. It’s always best to set intentions before microdosing. Consciously create a connection with the intelligence of the elements and mushroom spirit. Keeping a journal is a great way to track your progression of your journey. You should notice long term effects after a month protocol. Happy microdosing!!!

Microdosing Capsules

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  • Please Note:

    My offerings aren't intended for "recreational tripping". They're designed to heal your mind, body and soul. My offerings generate subtle effects that are accumulative over time with noticeable and lasting benefits. Microdosing is not a psychedelic journey. It’s done with the intention to support your daily habits. You can do it with the intention to get yourself out of bad addictions, to help with anxiety, depression, and incorporate healthier habits into your life.

    DISCLAIMER We DO NOT claim to diagnose or treat illnesses of any type. By purchasing from me, you are exercising the 'RIGHT TO TRY' and 'COMPASSIONATE USE ACCESS' acts through your own will. We take no responsibility for any unsatisfactory experience following ones actions contrary to as instructed.

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